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Mike & Maaike

Matthew Langille

David Palmer


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James Acrow

Jonathan Nodrick

Anita Modha

Yenting Chen

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Andrio Abero



Lee Hutzulak

Julie Morstad

Tyler Gibney

Trent Good

Peng Creative

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Chloe Perron

David Hall

Erica Crossfield

Wayfinder Men & Women

Wayfinder is a series of wallpaper designed to serve a functional purpose within the context of architecture. Wallpaper is typically decorative. Symbols are typically functional. The combination of the two creates new possibilities for architects, interior designers and space planners.


Designers: Mike & Maaike

Catalogue #: AS-007
Style: Repeat Pattern
01. Pantone Process Yellow
02. Pantone Process Magenta
03. Red Pantone 199
04. Pantone Process Cyan
05. Green Pantone 369
06. Pantone Process Black
07. Yellow Pantone 103
08. Pantone Cool Gray 9
09. Pantone Cool Gray 1 and Pantone Cool Gray 4
Custom icons, patterns, size and colourways available.
Drop Size: 36"W x 126"H (31.5 ft²)
Match: Straight Across

Material: Type II Vinyl
Finish: Semi-gloss
Fire Rating: Class A, ASTM E84

Additional detail images are for illustration purposes only and are not to scale.

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