Rooted in the desire for travel and the visions that this experience incurs, we preset the Wanderlust: Paris Wallpaper Collection. The series is comprised of images with a focus on the city of Paris, including new patterns and murals that incorporate landmarks, transit, contemporary photography, and classic works by French artists such as Degas and Monet. The aim is both to help the viewer connect with the medium through custom installations, and to encourage the collective emotional response that the act of travel inspires.

The notion of wanderlust is one that is universally shared, and an experience that most yearn to revisit. With this concept in mind, the Wanderlust Collection was created as a visually transportive product. The individual elements that make up the series exist as components that can be ordered and printed on demand. With this, there is less waste, and clients can customize any space into an interaction-based experience that triggers both nostalgia and adventure.

The Petrossian Caviar shop in Paris


Catalogue #: WLP-023
Style: Vertical Mural
Mural Size: Fits walls up to 8’–4”W X 10’H
Colourways: 01. Full Colour
Custom sizes and colourways available

Material: Type II Vinyl
Finish: Semi-gloss
Fire Rating: Class A, ASTM E84

Additional detail images are for illustration purposes only and are not to scale.

Additional Imagery
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