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"Our search for vintage tiles led us to faraway Portugal, the pinnacle of architectural tile. For us, with a fondness and extensive backgrounds in ceramics, spending time in exploration there was something of a ceramic paradise. One of the highlights for us was spending time at the source of the tiles on the outskirts of Lisbon. Here was the lifetime collection of Mr. Cortiço—hundreds of thousands of discontinued tiles from all the ceramics factories of Portugal. Without discretion, he had accepted all tiles that came his way, from the finest crafted rare beauties to the cheapest kitschiest scraps.

The farm was arranged in perfect chaos; building after building filled from floor to ceiling of stacks of tiles. There were so many that piles had to be made outside as well, leaving narrow pathways throughout the several acre farm. Grasses grew over them, animals lived in them, and the world forgot them.

Context is everything. In colourful tile-laden Portugal, these dust-covered treasures were of little use. But once the tiles were cleaned off, shipped to Canada, handled dozens of times by us, and refired with golden details on top, they became hard-to-part-with treasures. In the predominantly concrete urban landscapes of Canada, the tiles shine in contrast.

Since that initial phase, many followed, starting with designing the mural as a whole, which took on several forms before its finalization. As we worked with the tiles we thought back to the streets of Lisbon. There, when tiles broke off the walls of buildings, they would be replaced with other tiles—often completely different in colour and vintage. Sometimes they were even replaced by the painted stencils of tiles in their place. It created a sort of patchwork on the walls of the city, indicating the layers of time. As we arranged our collection at our studio in Vancouver, another kind of patchwork emerged."

- Dear Human


Designer: Dear Human

Catalogue #: AS-104
Style: Mural
Mural Size: Fits walls up to 11'–4”W x 10’H
Custom sizes and colourways available

Material: Type II Vinyl
Finish: Semi-gloss
Fire Rating: Class A, ASTM E84

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